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Real cider for 2017

We had a very successful 2016, with many more people enjoying a Worley's than ever before. We're working hard here to ensure our 2017 real ciders are as delicious as ever.

This year sees the return of our Harvest Moon – it's back by popular demand. First made from 2014 apples, this cider superstar sold like billy-o and it quickly ran out! We've made more for 2017 so everyone can get a drink.

Current draught ciders include Rocky Road Medium (6.4%), Red Hen Medium-Dry (6.2%), Beatnik Billy Sweet (5.5%) and Mendip Hills Dry (6.4%). Harvest Moon is also available as a special and is a complete cracker.

These are all available from the website as are our bottles of Beatnik Billy, Red Hen and Harvest Moon. Special Reserve 2016 vintage is also now available after a sell-out year last year.

If you've never tried our sparkling bottles before, the 50cl bottles are really worth a mixed case. As well as the Red Hen and Harvest Moon, our Beatnik Billy is newer on the scene, but gathering its own fans. Light, sweet and sharp it's perfect served ice cold. All available to buy from the webstore.

And just to remind you, we only use traditional, fresh-pressed Somerset cider apples - no apple concentrate here. You really will be able to taste the difference in the seriously good flavours we achieve just from apple fruit and no weird flavourings.

And the winner is…

We've won a few awards in 2015 and 2016. Our Mendip Hills, Red Hen and Special Reserve bottles all won GOLD Taste of the West awards 2015. Red Hen then went on to win CHAMPION CIDER 2015 and won a silver medal at the British Cider Championships, plus two silvers and a bronze at the Great Lakes International cider competition in the US.

Red Hen won a GOLD at the 2017 Taste of the West awards and is through to the final three to be judged as Champion cider later in the year.

A list of stockists selling a range of our bottles is available here

“Premium Vintage has a rich depth, complexity and full all round balance and taste that I have only found in a very few of the very best bottled ciders.” Alan Stone, Cider Historian and Author