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About Worley's Cider

Cider from scratch

Worley’s Cider had a humble start, when cider maker Neil Worley started experimenting with apple varieties and blends; fermenting them to dry using natural yeasts. After initially buying fresh juice, we began to find our own fruit in various small Somerset orchards and gradually started to master the mysterious arts of fruit selection and fermentation.

This attention to selecting the right fruit has always been important at Worley’s. We don’t add flavourings to our ciders, yet each cider we make has distinct characteristics, determined by the apple blends we use.

As the business started to grow, we invested in a lot of our own equipment – buying a mill and press and storage units and increasing the size of our premises. We’ve added a pasteuriser and box-filler to the list since.

In 2017 we are now supplying cider to pubs, festivals, country shows, markets and events throughout the UK. We also successfully export to USA, Canada, New Zealand and the Netherlands; and just recently we’ve shipped Worley’s out to Hong Kong.

If you would like to sell Worley’s in your business, please contact us and we can give you further details. We have a distribution network and also sell direct to pubs, bars and restaurants; and direct to the public.

“ Premium Vintage has a rich depth, complexity and full all round balance and taste that I have only found in a very few of the very best bottled ciders.” Alan Stone, Cider Historian and Author