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Special Reserve - Medium

Great Taste Two-Stars 2017
Gold Medal Winner Taste Of The West 2015
Silver Medal Winner GLINTCAP 2015
Medium English Keeved Cider
Very lightly sparkling
75cl 5.4% ABV
A case of 6 bottles
Contains Sulphites

Worley’s Special Reserve is made from 100% pure cider apple juice using the ancient art of keeving. This creates a naturally sparkling cider of outstanding fruity character with subtle undertones of caramel. It has sweeetness and rounded tannins lifted by a long-lasting carbonation. A great party drink – sweet and fizzy with a satifying ‘pop’ when uncorked!

Please note: Bottle-conditioning results in a natural sediment. Store and chill upright and pour with care to leave sediment in the bottle.

Please remember, you must be over 18 years of age to place an order on this website. Our delivery drivers will only deliver cider to a person aged 18 or over and will check the picture ID of any recipient who appears to be under 25 years of age.

*Additional delivery charges apply to Scottish Highlands, Eire and Offshore Island destinations. Please contact us on ask@worleyscider.co.uk before placing your order.

“ #nowdrinking the dangerously drinkable @WorleysCider Stoke Red. Must be the best fizzy medium #realcider around!” Steve Town, Kent