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Authentic ciders from Somerset

Welcome to Worleys. Based in the heart of Somerset's Mendip Hills, we are a family business making delicious cider from heritage cider apples that we press ourselves. Our ciders are very drinkable, blended to be perfectly balanced whether it’s still or sparkling; dry, medium or sweet.

We don’t make cider from apple juice concentrate. There’s a big difference in flavour, depth and quality, so we stick to using fresh juice from apples we press ourselves.

Come and collect

Worleys is opening back up for customer collections and you can use the Local2023 code for 10% off if you're coming to collect.

Just apply the code when checking out and drop us a quick message in the requirements box to say when you'd like to collect and to arrange a time and a day. Shop for cider.

We're still doing 10% off for local deliveries, of course, and you can use this code whenever you like – it's not just for your first purchase.

If you're further afield, our delivery service is operating as normal and all prices include delivery.

Award-winning and authentic

We have won many awards for our ciders, the latest being a 3-star Great Taste Award in 2021 for our famous Special Reserve Vintage Keeved. In 2019 we received 3-stars at the Great Taste Awards for the same cider; and went on to win the Golden Fork Heritage Award that same year. A few weeks later, Special Reserve picked up Champion Cider for 2019 at the Taste of the West Awards. There's no doubt this is a seriously good cider!

Red Hen, our fantastic medium-dry sparkling cider, also won a 1-star Great Taste Award, a Gold Medal at the Taste of the West in 2019, and Champion Cider at Taste of the West in 2015.

Of our other ciders, Beatnik Billy is a light, medium-sweet cider that is wonderful served ice-cold, and Rocky Road is a popular medium cider, complex and rich, but easy-drinking enough for everyone to enjoy.

You will be able to taste the difference in the seriously good flavours we achieve just from apple fruit and no flavourings.

Please note our packing peanuts are made from corn starch and are fully compostable, either in your own compost heap, or via your kerbside food waste collection service.

Trade enquiries

If you’re a trade customer looking to stock any of our ciders please call us on 07855 951718 or use our Contact Form here for wholesale details & prices.

“1st in home cider tasting evening the amazing @WorleysCider ‘Mendip Hills’ - fantastic, fresh, sweet, full bodied, incredibly drinkable!”