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Mendip Hills Dry 20L bag-in-box draught cider

Mendip Hills Dry 20L bag-in-box draught cider


Mendip Hills is largely made from apple varieties that mature right at the end of the harvest season. Often being pressed as Autumn really sets itself towards Winter, the fruit has usually been quietly maturing in cool orchard grass for a while before we get our hands on it.

The resulting cider includes lots of smooth tannins and is blended with lighter, sharper juice to produce a bright and fruity Dry cider.

A note on Worleys Dry Cider: this cider is called Dry because it is entirely unsweetened – not because it make your mouth dry. This is how true cider experts often prefer their cider to be presented as there is no way to disguise the underlying flavour of the cider. But please be aware, if your preference is for sweetened cider, this may seem a very different type of drink!

It may look like quite a hefty box, but – unopened – these bag-in-box containers have a 1-year shelf-life. Once opened the contents (35 pints) need to be consumed within 3 months. Each box also features a handy tap for easy pouring. What could go wrong.....??

Please remember, you must be over 18 years of age to place an order on this website. Our delivery drivers will only deliver cider to a person aged 18 or over and will check the picture ID of any recipient who appears to be under 25 years of age.

*Additional delivery charges apply to Scottish Highlands, Eire and Offshore Island destinations. Please contact us before placing your order.

Contains Sulphites