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Regular UK Stockists

You can find our ciders at a wide range of outlets, including both regular and occasional stockists. Our regular stockists are listed below, but you will also run into Worleys Cider at Beer Festivals, Pop-ups and Restaurants supplied by our network of distributors.


Balsbury Grocer, Baltonsborough 
Beercraft, Bath
Bristol Cider Shop, Bristol
Brockley Stores, Brockley, Bristol
Cider Shack, Yeovil
Corks of Cotham, Bristol
Corks of North St, Bedminster, Bristol
Elston & Son
Farmdrop, London
Farringtons Farm Shop, Farrington
Grape and Grind, Gloucester Road, Bristol
Hunts supermarket, Sherborne
Jon Thorner, Pyle, Somerset 
National Cider Collection, Brogdale
Newton Farm Shop, Newton St Loe
Queen Street Deli

Pubs, Bars & Taps

Three Horseshoes, Batcombe
Oakhill Inn, Oakhill
Bistro Lotte, Frome
The Sheppey, Godney
Apple To Core, Nottingham
The Shrubbery, Shepton Mallet
Limekiln, Bristol
Beeses, Bristol
BeerCraft Bath
The Orchard Inn, Bristol
The Town Mouse Ale House, Newcastle
Doncaster Brewery and Tap, Doncaster

Making it

We always allow all our ciders to ferment at the cool ambient temperatures of autumn and winter, using only the natural yeasts found in and on the fruit and in the fermenting environment. This approach leads to complex but mellow flavours with maximum fruity tastes and aromas. It’s a bit of a gamble using wild yeasts as things don’t always go according to plan, which is why the larger makers don’t do it, but the results are well worth the risk in our opinion.

To make the best cider you need to use the best fruit at the peak of its ripeness. All the apples we use are the finest vintage cider apple varieties from the sun-drenched orchards of south Somerset. We use anywhere up to 16 different varieties, which we aim to blend into a decent cider before pressing. Then we do another round of blending once the different ciders have matured, which usually takes place in late May.

“Your ‘Mendip Hills’ is the finest cider I’ve ever tasted. Fantastic stuff. Cheers!”

David @TwopTwips